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About Us


When you are really passionate
about what you do,
you always set your sights higher.
At Tower Community Bank,
we think differently
to offer you more.
We work harder
to exceed your expectations.
We reach higher to make our bank
and our entire community better.
Tower Community Bank
A Higher Standard



"........a strong independent bank subservient to the needs of this valley is an asset we can all share."

Those words by then-President and co-founder Robert R. Thomas in 1970  are more true today than ever before.  Tower Community Bank was organized to serve the working people of the Sequatchie Valley at a time when out-of-town bank ownership was just beginning to be common. The number of banks with no direct connection to the area has multiplied, and today Tower Community Bank is the only locally owned, locally managed bank in the community. The organizers felt the valley needed a bank completely dependent on the economic health of  this valley, where money deposited at home could be loaned at home, putting the average wage earner and small business on the same basis as a large corporation. Today as we progress into a new century, Tower is still dedicated to this mandate and is proud  to be a strong, local asset to the citizens of the Sequatchie Valley area, truly A Real Community Bank.      


Tower Community Bank provides financial solutions, creating partnerships with our customers that make our communities better places to live, work, and raise a family.